Services Offered

  • Passport applications for Jamaican Citizens;
  • Issuance of Emergency Certificates (EC’s) for urgent travel;
  • Processing and issuance of visas and other relevant documents to foreigners visiting Jamaica;
  • Authentication and legalization of documents;
  • Protection of welfare and interests of Jamaican nationals, including those on remand and incarcerated;
  • Provision of information regarding regulatory requirements for Returning Residents;
  • Processing of applications for Jamaican citizenship

Services NOT Offered

  • Provide financial assistance or scholarships to nationals through loans, education or funeral grants;
  • Provide financial assistance to persons who wish to open or operate a business in Canada;
  • Stand as surety for nationals seeking loans for business, education or private purposes;
  • Purchase airline tickets for nationals to return to Jamaica;
  • Seek the release of incarcerated persons, intervene in criminal or civil court proceedings or overturn a deportation order;
  • Pay bills, find work or source accommodation for Jamaican nationals;
  • Give legal advice, provide legal representation, investigate crimes or directly carry out searches for missing persons, but will refer you to the appropriate local authorities.
  • Process police certificates. Police certificate applications cannot be routed via the Consulate. The Mission can however, provide the forms and guidelines. Applicants are responsible for couriering applications directly to the Senior Superintendent of Police in Jamaica via a courier of their choice.