We welcome visitors to our shores. However, we ask that you take note of the following conditions to be satisfied for admission to Jamaica.

The applicant:

  • must be in a position to support him/herself and dependents
  • if desirous of entering the service of an employer in the island, must produce a permit in writing for engagement, issued to the employer by the Ministry of Labour
  • should not have been sentenced in a foreign country for any extradition crime within the meaning of the Extraditions Acts 1870 and 1906
  • should not be the subject of a deportation order in force under the Aliens Law, Chapter 9 or under the Aliens Admission Deportation Regulation Law (now repealed);
  • should not have been prohibited from landing by the Minister of National Security and Justice
  • must be in possession of a visa unless exempted from this requirement under any of the prescribed regulations
  • must have applied for and obtained permission from the Government of Jamaica if entry is desired for other than tourist purposes
  • must fulfill such other requirements as may be prescribed.
  • Entry requirement
Please email [email protected] for more information.

Valid passports are recommended for travel but where not readily available, US citizens and resident Aliens in the US, and Canadian citizens may enter Jamaica as bona fide tourists, providing they fulfill the following requirements :

US Citizens

  • a valid passport

Canadian Citizens

  • a valid passport

Canadian Residents

  • a valid passport
  • a travel document and a valid Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

Cruise Passengers

Cruise Passengers of any nationality who intend to remain in the island during the stay of the vessel by which they arrived and to depart on the same vessel, are not required to hold visa.

Other Foreign Nationals

All applicants within this category requiring tourist visas must apply through the High Commission or Consulate and produce the following:

  • National’s Passport (valid for (six [6] months minimum)
  • Completed visa application Form “J” (to be submitted in duplicate)
  • Two(2) recent passport photograph (frontal view)
  • Valid re-entry visa to Canada or Canadian Permanent Residence Card or proof of having satisfied entry requirements for onward destination (visas, tickets) if not returning to Canada
  • Required visa fee (cash or money order only)
  • Itinerary

(N.B.: Taiwanese Nationals are required to complete a form of Affidavit of Identity, to which the approved visa will be affixed and submit an extra passport photograph in addition to the above mentioned. The affidavit form is supplied by the High Commission/Consulate. Taiwanese Nationals are not allowed to enter Jamaica on their passports. The visa is issued on the Affidavit of Identity and is required for entry into Jamaica. Taiwanese nationals are however advised to travel with their passports and other documents which may be needed for their onward destinations).

Commonwealth Citizens

With the exception of Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Sri Lanka, holders of passports issued by countries of the British Commonwealth do not require entry visas for Jamaica. The following however, must be produced:

  • National Passport (valid for six [6] months minimum)
  • Valid re-entry visa for Canada or Canadian Permanent Resident Card;OR
  • Proof of financial support for duration of visit
  • Acceptable documentation regarding visits for business/commercial, educational, or employment purposes.e.g., correspondence on company letterhead from business contact in Jamaica;letter of acceptance from educational institute where visitor plans to study;letter confirming job offer.
  • Itinerary
Visa Application Form

Student visa

To be qualified for a student visa the following requirements are to be met:

  • Correspondence from educational institute confirming acceptance and length of time for studying in addition to clearance or permission from the Ministry of National Security to pursue studies in Jamaica. Clearance is usually sought on behalf of the prospective student by a representative of the educational institute where he/she wishes to study. Such clearance is usually communicated in writing to the Consular office nearest the applicant’s place of residence. Clearance is required before a visa can be issued.
  • Medical certificate (which may be a letter signed by family physician) attesting freedom from all communicable diseases
  • Proof of how applicant intends to support himself/herself for duration of studies (Affidavit of financial support)
  • Round trip airline ticket valid for at least one year
Visa Application Form

Business traveller

For persons who are interested in conducting business in Jamaica the following requirements must be met :

  • A valid Passport
  • Correspondence from business/commercial contact in Jamaica (on company letterhead) confirming the nature of the visit.
  • Correspondence from local company (on letterhead) stating the nature of the visit
  • Proof of reasonable financial support for duration of visit
  • Itinerary

Short-Term Business

Foreign nationals entering the country to conduct short-term business (such as consultations, meetings, inspections, repairs, technical advice) are admissible as ‘visitors’ in accordance with the entry requirements applicable to the visitors from their respective countries (e.g. A French national who is travelling to Jamaica to conduct business may enter as a visitor for 30 days without a visa). Each visit should not exceed thirty (30) days and the cumulative number of days within a calendar year should not exceed one hundred and eighty (180) days. The usual conditions remain in place with respect to persons who seek to be admitted on the basis of employment, study etc.

Visa Application Form
  • Work visas and permit

Employment Visa

The employment of non-Jamaicans in Jamaica is governed by the Foreign Nationals and Commonwealth Citizens (Employment) Act, 1964, which seeks to ensure that qualified Jamaicans are given first consideration in employment opportunities. At the same time, it is recognized that the expertise needed for economic development is not always available because of shortage in the supply of certain special skills.

Non-Jamaicans seeking employment in Jamaica are required to obtain a work permit.  Work Permits are issued only by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica and all applications should be submitted directly to that Ministry.  Their contact details are:

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security
    1F North Street, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
  • Telephone: 00 1876 922 9500-12

Work Permit Fee Structure

Effective April 28, 2008

Category of Work Permit Application Fee Work (J$) Work Permit Fee (J$)
a) Work permits granted for any period up to three (3) months. 14,400.00 or its equivalent 27,000.00 or its equivalent
b) Work permits granted for a period of more than three (3) months, but not more than six (6) months. 14,400.00 or its equivalent 54,000.00 or its equivalent
c) More than six (6) months, but not more than nine 9 months. 14,400.00 or its equivalent 81,000.00 or its equivalent
c) Work permits granted for any periodof more than nine (9) months. but not more than one (1) year. 14,400.00 or its equivalent 108,000.00 or its equivalenta
N.B Work Permit granted for any period in excess of one (1) year JA$27,000 for every three (3) month period or part thereof.

A fee of JA$7,200.00 or its equivalent will be charged to replace ID Cards lost, damaged or stolen.

Visa Application Form Work Permit Form
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  • Online application forms