The processing time for visas is ten (10) to fourteen (14) business days.

Persons having an emergency are to indicate their emergency at the time of application.



Please contact the Consulate at  or 416-598-3008 to confirm the required fee.

Please choose one of the following options, if you require your passport submitted to be mailed to you:

  1. Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope
  2. Include the postage fee of $13.00 along with the payment for the passport.

The payment for a mailed-in application is to be in the form of Money Order/Bank Draft made payable to the Jamaican Consulate in the relevant amounts. (Do not send cash in the mail).

The Jamaican Consulate General accepts only Money Orders, Bank Drafts or Cash (cash should not be sent in the mail). Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.
All fees are quoted in Canadian currency



All applicants requiring tourist visas must apply through the High Commission or Consulate and produce the following:

  • National’s Passport (passport or other travel document must be valid for at least six [6] months from the intended date of travel)
  • Completed visa application Form “J” (to be submitted in duplicate)
  • Two (2) recent passport photograph (frontal view)
  • Valid re-entry visa to Canada or proof of having satisfied entry requirements for onward destination (visas, tickets) if not returning to Canada
  • Copy of ticket/travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation while in Jamaica
  • Required visa fee (cash or money order only) Please contact the Consulate at or 416-598-3008 to confirm the required fee
  • Financial statement showing proof of adequate funds for trip

Please note that entry visas are only issued by the Consulate. 


Taiwanese Nationals are required to complete a form of Affidavit of Identity, to which the approved visa will be affixed and submit an extra passport photograph in addition to the above mentioned. The affidavit form is supplied by the High Commission/Consulate. Taiwanese Nationals are not allowed to enter Jamaica on their passports. The visa is issued on the Affidavit of Identity and is required for entry into Jamaica. Taiwanese nationals are however advised to travel with their passports and other documents which may be needed for their onward destinations).


Visa Application Form